DT analogs wholesale

At the moment, diesel fuel is the most popular among all types of petroleum products. Its continued use can be attributed to a better balance of cost, performance and environmental performance. But some of the areas of the national economy allow the use of liquids with similar properties, however, more affordable. They are created by mixing residual and processed oil products.

In almost every corner of the earth, there is a need for diesel fuel compositions that are identical in properties due to the fact that they are much cheaper. This led to the need to create various analogues of filling products.

The most popular ones are:


Low-viscosity marine fuel (SMT).

Low-viscosity marine fuel (SMT). The main method of production is re-processing of fuel oil. The name comes from the use in ship power plants.


Heating oil.

Heating oil. This petroleum product is closer to diesel fuel in its characteristics. It is most correct to buy light heating oil for heating, as it has a high calorific value.


Low-sulfur motor fuel.

Low-sulfur motor fuel. It is a winter version of marine fuel that is resistant to low temperatures. The low sulfur content is due to environmental requirements.


Distillate of gas condensate (DHA).

Distillate of gas condensate (DHA). It is used as a fuel for diesel engines, as a solvent, as a raw material for obtaining high-octane fuel and for the production of olefins.