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Our business model are based on the board of director development strategy for a consistent year-on-year growth, while maintaining its position in terms of commercial viability. The energy we provide enables human progress daily, while we combat carbon emissions and reduce our environmental footprints.

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Aviation Fuel

Aviation kerosene is all about safety and quality, JP54 fuel requirements for aircraft and vehicles are typically different. Therefore there are strict quality and safety requirements for aircraft fuel and limitations on components that can be used for aviation fuel.

Avaiation Kerosene

Aviation kerosene is a specialized type of petroleum-based fuel used to power aircraft. It is generally of a higher quality than fuels used in less critical applications, such as heating or road transport. JP54 contains additives to reduce the risk of icing or explosion due to high temperature and other properties.


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Your personal manager is already aware of all the subtleties and points of unloading. You work with us as efficiently as possible.


Your fuel will arrive safe and sound. The job will be done quickly, economically and safely. We guarantee it.

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60,000 satisfied customers. The company has developed a system of clear and well-coordinated work of each employee, which gives you confidence in working with us.

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The company's vehicle fleet consists of more than 30 units of equipment, which are always serviceable and ready to leave.

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