Gasoline AI-92 wholesale

Gasoline AI-92 is used as fuel for carburetor and injector engines, during the production of paraffin, cleaning fabrics (dissolves fats), as combustible material, as solvent. The better gasoline evaporates, the more complete the flammable mixture is formed, and as a result, the engine starts easier, the condensation of the fuel vapor is reduced in the cylinders, and therefore he oil is less diluted.

In properties also distinguish summer gasoline and winter gasoline. For northern districts winter fuel is provided in the autumn-winter period. Summer Gasoline AI-92 is the most widespread and is applied in all regions of Russia. Unleaded brand Regular-92 of automobile gasoline complies with the regulations “Requirements to automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and ship fuel, jet engine fuel and furnace boiler oil” and GOST P 51105-97 russian national standard. The octane number by the motor method is not less than 83.3; by the research method is 92.5. LLC “ROSTATNEFT” offers wholesale of gasoline Regular AI-92, which corresponds to GOST P 51105-97 russian national standard with delivery by automobile and rail.

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