Management Committee

The Management Committee is the Company’s collegial executive body that deals with day-to-day management of its activities and is headed by Chairman of the Management Committee. Every year members of the Management Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors as proposed by the President and CEO.

Meetings of the Management Committee are convened as required. As a rule, they take place every week. The meeting agenda is determined by the President and CEO, including on the basis of the agenda items proposed by the Management Committee members. The competence of the Management Committee is set forth in the Company’s Charter.

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Your personal manager is already aware of all the subtleties and points of unloading. You work with us as efficiently as possible.


Your fuel will arrive safe and sound. The job will be done quickly, economically and safely. We guarantee it.

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60,000 satisfied customers. The company has developed a system of clear and well-coordinated work of each employee, which gives you confidence in working with us.

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The company's vehicle fleet consists of more than 30 units of equipment, which are always serviceable and ready to leave.
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